Blasting Service

Auxin Tech owns matured operational experience for blast engineering service project, and possesses an engineering service team with a leading technology & strong fighting capacity,and has ample overseas construction management experience. Up to this date, Auxin Tech has, in Myanmar & in Namibia, offered services to the internationally well-known mining enterprises, and has received unanimous favorable comment from the owners. By extension towards the upstream & downstream of the industry chain, Auxin Tech has focused on exploiting international engineering blast service market,and is able to provide mines & engineering customers with a whole-process service from on-site mixing loading explosive production , supply of pyrotechnic device, blast network design, up to drilling blasting, thus realizing a strategic upgrade from civil blast product supplier to the integrated service provider for civil blast.

(1)Myanmar Monywa Letpdaung Copper Mine Project

Total investment on Myanmar Monywa Copper Mine Project reaches 1.065 billion USD, designed production capacity 100,000 tons cathode copper / year, exploitation term 30 years. Annual overall output of ore & waste is about 27,000,000 cubic meters. Auxin Tech is mainly responsible for the drilling blasting operation for Letpdaung copper mine & S&K mine, as well as blast equipment supply & ground station design construction & operation.

  • Annual consumption of explosive about 15,000T,variety concerns ANFO explosive, emulsion explosive & heavy ANFO explosive.
  • Production equipment: Drilling machine 9 sets, (250mm of five sets, 152mm of two sets, 127mm& 89mm, each one set), on-site mixing loading explosive vehicle of 4 sets, borehole  stemming machine of two sets, borehole pumping vehicle & crashing hammer, each I set.

The matching ground station owns the capacity of annual production of on-site mixing loading porous granular ANFO explosive 10,000 T & heavy ANFO explosive 5,000 T. This ground station also includes 3 warehouses each for 1,000 T ammonium nitrate, 1 storeroom for 250 T sodium nitrate, 2 storerooms each for 100 T explosive, and 1 storeroom for detonators.

(2)Namibian Husab Uranium Mine Project

Namibian Husab Uranium Mine is located in the MamibDesert area in the central west part of Namibia, which is the 3rd largest uranium mine in the whole world. After the project goes into operation, its output reaches the 2nd largest in the world. The mine’s capital construction term is 2 years, production term 20 years. Currently it is China’s largest mine investment project in Africa.

Auxin Tech, for Husan uranium mine, supplies raw materials necessary for the blast, construction and operation of the ground station for explosive mixing loading, as well as blast implementation, etc. of the integrated service, including investment of 19,940,000 USD to set up an on-site mixing loading explosive production plant of annual output 50,000 T, to produce ANFO, heavy ANFO & emulsion explosive, as well as supply explosive charging & blast implementation service. The 1st 5-year term contract requires to produce various types of explosive about 160,000 T, and the blast construction of earthwork 226,400,000 cubic meters.